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Назва — сценарій переіндексування бібліографічних та віторитетних MARC-записів у БД Zebra.

Використовуйте це пакетне завдання, щоб переіндексувати усі бібліотечні або авторитетні записи у Вашій базі даних Koha.




— індексувати бібліографічні записи


— індексувати авторитетні записи


— Run in daemon mode. The program will loop checking for entries on the zebraqueue table, processing them incrementally if present, and then sleep for a few seconds before repeating the process
Checking the zebraqueue table is done with a cheap SQL query. This allows for near realtime update of the zebra search index with low system overhead.
Use -sleep to control the checking interval.
Daemon mode implies -z, -a, -b. The program will refuse to start if options are present that do not make sense while running as an incremental update daemon (e.g. -r or -offset).

-sleep 10

— Seconds to sleep between checks of the zebraqueue table in daemon mode. The default is 5 seconds.


— select only updated and deleted records marked in the zebraqueue table. Cannot be used with -r or -s.


— only select record updates, not record deletions, to avoid potential excessive I/O when zebraidx processes deletions.
If this option is used for normal indexing, a cronjob should be set up to run -z without --skip-deletes
during off hours.
Only effective with -z.


— clear Zebra index before adding records to index. Implies -w.


— Temporary directory for indexing.
If not specified, one is automatically created. The export directory is automatically deleted unless you supply the -k switch.


— Do not delete export directory.


— Skip export. Used if you have already exported the records in a previous run.


— export biblio/authority records directly from DB marcxml field without sanitizing records. It speed up dump process but could fail if DB contains badly encoded records. Works only with -x,


— skip shadow indexing for this batch


— do NOT clear zebraqueue after indexing; normally, after doing batch indexing, zebraqueue should be marked done for the affected record type(s) so that a running zebraqueue_daemon doesn't try to reindex the same records - specify -y to override this.
Cannot be used with -z.


— increase the amount of logging. Normally only warnings and errors from the indexing are shown.
Use log level 2 (-v -v) to include all Zebra logs.

--length 1234

— how many biblio you want to export

--offset 1243

— offset you want to start to
example: --offset 500 --length=500 will result in a LIMIT 500,1000 (exporting 1000 records, starting by the 500th one
note that the numbers are NOT related to biblionumber, that's the intended behaviour.


— let you specify a WHERE query, like itemtype='BOOK' or something like that


— explicitily allow script to run as 'root' user


— when not running in daemon mode, the default behavior is to abort a rebuild if the rebuild lock is busy. This option will cause the program to wait for the lock to free and then continue processing the rebuild request,


— specify a table (can be items, biblioitems, biblio, biblio_metadata) to retrieve biblionumber to index.
biblioitems is the default value.

--help or -h

— show this message.